Some Jimmie Davis Tunes To Soothe The Bridge News [VIDEO]
News came out this week that the renovation project for the Jimmie Davis Bridge has been halted again. This has people reacting in a couple of ways; there's been anger, laughter, and confusion.
I've seen memes about the bridge, and the barn swallow, posted all over online today...
Prince’s Family Can Be Traced Back To Webster Parish
The Purple One, His Royal Badness, or just Prince...whatever you called him, he was an icon. Yesterday we lost the legendary musician at the age of 57.
The outpouring of love and admiration stretched from Shreveport to the White House, and all around the world...
TMZ Reports Prince Has Died [BREAKING]
According to TMZ famed musician Prince has died at the age of 57.
Reports surfaced recently that Prince had be hospitalized and was in bad health, but those reports were dismissed as those around Prince said he was healthy enough to attend functions and events...

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