One Man – A Capella Version Of “Thriller” [VIDEO]
This Frenchman broke down ALL of the parts to the iconic Michael Jackson song "Thriller" into 64 individual tracks. They include all of the instruments, sound effects, voices, and even Vincent Price's laugh at the end. And he did them ALL with his voice. You will not believe what you …
Acapella Group Retells ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ [VIDEO]
If you haven't heard of the AMAZING acapella group Pentatonix, you really need to watch this video. Not only does it showcase their incredible vocal talents (there are NO instruments used in this entire video), but they join forces with YouTuber Todrick Hall, also known for his singing and film…
In the Spotlight
Much like AMERICAS GOT TALENT, a competition for local unsigned bands to perform for prizes, and a chance to sign with Nashville Producers!

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