Now Trending: #OddTouristAttractions
I make it a habit to see what's trending each morning on Twitter for Baton Rouge and New Orleans... apparently Shreveport/Bossier isn't a big enough geographical area to be monitored... and when I checked this morning, I couldn't help but laugh!
Whats Appening: Waze
Waze doesn't just give you directions. It also allows you to report incidents on the road. You are able to report incidents like car crashes, hazards, and street gators on the loose or hospital escapees.
Why Parents Need to Know About the Sarahah App
It started off as a simple way for employees to speak up without fear of being fired. Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq created the website to help businesses. By having their employees send in anonymous feedback to their employers...
Your Vacuum Cleaner is Spying on You!
I'll never forget the first day I looked down at my cell phone and it told me that it would take me 30 minutes to get home and advised me that traffic was light... What the?!?!
Whats App-ening: Run Pee App Reviewed
No one wants to miss an important part of the movie, but guzzling down what the movie people call a "medium" drink will have you running to the bathroom. Apparently someone saw this as an opportunity to create something magical, the Run Pee App.

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