I found something pretty cool about school and thought I would share. These are some school dress codes rules circa 1966 and 1967.

The dress code for girls at the Newton College of the Sacred Heart.
Girls can only wear skirts or jumpers.
Pants were not allowed.
The students were not allowed to knit in class.

Here's a full list of rules from Newport High School in Oregon from 1966:

Hall Conduct
1. No running in the halls.
2. No scuffling in the halls.
3. No abusing school property.
4. No throwing paper or other articles on the floor.
5. No obstructing the halls or loitering in the halls.
6. Students must keep to the right.
7. No public demonstrations of affection between boy and girl beyond that of holding hands.
8. No eating in the halls at any time.

And this dress code from 1967 at McLintock High School in Arizona:

For girls:
No pants or shorts allowed
Bare shoulders not allowed
No revealing blouses or dresses
Girls bangs must be above the eyebrows
No curlers
No extreme hairdo's
No heavy make-up
Straps on blouses must be at least 2 inches wide

For boys:
No tight fitting pants
No sloppy sweatshirts
No collars turned up
No exotic haircuts "like Beatles cuts" or surfer cuts
No painted tennis shoes
No shorts or cut-offs

For both:
No sunglasses and no hats allowed in the school building


After 1966, school dress codes began to change.  At Mark Keppel High School in California, girls started wearing mini-skirts to school and girls started to wear pants. The boys began sporting the Beatle-esque mop-top hair style.