Chinese Hurdler Lui Xiang won gold in the 2004 Athens Olympics, but after a fall on the first hurdle his dreams of Gold for the 2012 London Olympics were dashed.

Injuries to his achilles tendon prevented him from participating in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, which must have been a tremendous blow to Xiang. For his return to the 2012 London Olympics he was the second fasted man in the world this year, but the injury to his achilles tendon was aggravated after the first hurdle of the 110 meter hurdles preliminary earlier this week. It was a race he would not win, but he won the hearts of many for showing true determination of spirit.

As the home crowd cheered on British Olympian Andy Turner, who won the heat, Xiang struggled to raise to his feet and walk off the track. Surprisingly, Xiang hopped off the track right past a wheel chair offered to him and into the tunnel. Just then, he turned and hopped on one foot to finish the race. Right before he finished the race, he hoped to the last hurdle and kissed what must have been his Olympic dreams goodbye.