There are very few things that would be safe among a pride of lions. And now, we can confidently add RC car with a camera on it to that short list.

New Zealand photographer Chris McLennan took a trip to Botswana, where he decided to interact with the local wildlife in a curious way. McLennan mounted a camera onto a remote controlled 4x4 buggy (dubbed 'Car L') and bravely drove it up to a pride of lions.

The idea was the brainchild of McLennan and engineer Carl Hansen. It's appropriately dubbed 'Project L.' It's goal is simple: capture striking, up-close photographs of lions in their natural habitat -- without the whole fear of being maimed or killed thing.

The pictures McLennan captured are definitely impressive, and you can view them at his official site.

But what about 'Car L' itself? It got pretty banged up during its encounter with the lions (as you'll see in the video below), but McLennan says that it survived its mission and is "ready for his next adventure!"

Watch Car L take pictures of a pride of lions