A California woman is calling fowl on claims that Kirstie Alley made about her weight loss with her product Organic Liaison and in the modern tradition suing the actress.

Marina Abramyan is suing Kirstie for claiming she lost weight 100lbs with Organic Liaison products, a claim that she has made both on the product website and on home shopping channel QVC. The suit suggests it was really due to the low-calorie diet and fitness schedule during her tenure on the ABC program "Dancing with the Stars."

Abramyan doesn't think it is possible to even loose weight with the product. She says that Organic Liaison only contains calcium and fiber, and can't possibly be capable of causing ANY weight loss, much less the 100lb loss Alley claims.

The suit is seeking undisclosed damages. Kirstie Alley's camp has yet to release a statement in regards to the lawsuit.



The suit has been filed without disclosing the damages being sought by Abramyan.