It is a bad day for Arkansas Razorback fans. Yesterday, Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino was fired because he "knowingly misled" his bosses and had an affair with a 25 year old female school employee. It sounds like Petrino was suffering from a midlife crisis, and it turned out bad.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Petrino had an accident on his motorcycle (this is where the midlife crisis is obvious.) With him during the accident was 25 year old Jessica Dorrell, who was just hired days before the accident as the student-athlete development coordinator who is responsible for organizing the football team's recruiting process. It seems that she was developing more than just student-athletes.

Last week Petrino was put on paid leave for failing to mention this extra marital relationship with Dorrell. At some point Petrino gave Dorrell $20,000. Petrino has yet to disclose what that $20,000 was for, but that sounds like shut up money to me.

"Coach Petrino's conduct regarding the account of the accident jeopardize the integrity of the football program," Arkansas Director of Athletics Jeff Long said during a news conference last night. I applaud the University of Arkansas for choosing morals and character over wins and glory.