We were very excited to have Shreveport singer and "The Voice" finalist Cole Vosbury in our studio this morning. Not only did he share some amazing stories about his time on hit TV show, but also played a very special song for us.

Cole's in town for a show at The Stage at Silverstar this weekend (which was rescheduled) and provided us with some facts we didn't know, including that he's scared of tornadoes, but absolutely fascinated by them. Join the club, Cole!

He also revealed a theory about why he was eliminated from The Voice: his beard!

The singer told us that while he was on the show, producers requested that he cut his beard. He kept putting it off until he couldn't any longer, and was shocked when they snipped off two inches. The next day was the day he was cut from the show. Is he related to the Biblical figure Samson?

Watch Cole Vosbury perform the song "I Didn't Want to Love You Anyway" by Sean McConnell below.