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Why should I buy from you?

AccentA.gif (1039 bytes) Not all mattresses are created equal. We specialize in customer education. We teach you select the perfect mattress set for you. No high pressure. We carry the top major name brands and have over 40 models for you to choose from. We keep a large on hand inventory, and can delivery you new bed today. With our 110% price guarantee you always get the best price. Whether you visit one of our local showrooms or order through our national ordering center you will be impressed by our commitment to your sleep. Our customers sleep better and save money.
AccentQ.gif (1084 bytes) How do I know you sell 1st quality products?
AccentA.gif (1039 bytes) We do not sell any 2nd quality, used or refurbished products. All of our products are 1st quality in original factory packaging. We are authorized dealers for all of the products we sell. All of our products come with full manufactures warranties. *Floor model closeouts/clearence items come with full warranties unless otherwise noted, and may have minor asthetic damage.
AccentQ.gif (1084 bytes) How can I purchase a mattress from you?
AccentA.gif (1039 bytes) We sell premium quality mattress at reduced prices. To find the closest location to you click on our store locations icon, or click on our National Ordering Center to have a mattress delivered right to your home anywhere in the continental U.S.
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I’ve noticed that a lot of bedding has thick pillow tops and I see a lot of thicker mattresses today. Will this mattress show body impressions?

AccentA.gif (1039 bytes) Most better quality bedding today is designed to give a higher level of comfort. One of the primary reasons that it’s so comfortable is that it actually conforms to your body, caressing and cradling you while you sleep. So if you start to see some slight conformity, that’s good. It’s not a structural defect, but normal occurrences in the performances of better quality bedding today. You should be able to equalize these body impressions by rotating your mattress on a regular basis.
AccentQ.gif (1084 bytes) Doesn't’t the warranty tell you how long bedding should last?
AccentA.gif (1039 bytes) No! The warranty is there to protect you against product defect, not against the gradual loss of comfort and support. The chances that any bedding will go to pieces before the warranty expires are very low. In fact, it may remain in tact for many years thereafter. what’s important for you is how long the bedding lasts, but how long its good enough for you to be sleeping on. No warranty can legitimately assure the identical comfort and support at the end of a warranty period as the set had when it was new. Everything eventually wears out, and your need for sleep changes as you get older. Don’t be misled in choosing the right set of bedding, if all the salesperson has to talk about is a warranty, then it may not be a good value.
AccentQ.gif (1084 bytes) I only need a mattress, why buy a foundation/box spring?
AccentA.gif (1039 bytes) The foundation/boxspring is the base of the mattress set. A sagging or worn out foundation/boxspring can cause the mattress to wear prematurely. Squeaking can also occur. Most mattress companies require the purchase of the mattress and foundation to receive the manufactures warranty.  
AccentQ.gif (1084 bytes) I’m confused--How much should I pay for a good mattress?
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Mattress sets come in a variety of price points and quality levels. We have a wide variety of mattress sets from which to choose. I’m quite certain that we will have something to fit your budget, but quality is usually reflected by price. The quality of your sleep and the way that you feel the next day can be affected by the quality of your mattress.