As a kid, my grandfather pin-pointed something that I do, which he (to this day) points out every time we eat. He has gone so far as to point out to my parents and my wife that I am a "shift-eater".

So what am I talking about? I eat one items at a time, in a clock-wise fashion, regardless of what I am eating and where I eat.

For example: We are having chicken, beans, mashed potatoes and a roll. I will eat it in this order.
I find my favorite food and set m plate so I eat it last, as a reward for eating everything else. In this case, I LOVE potatoes.
Place the chicken in front and start working around in clock-wise manner.


o me this makes sense. Then I realized where my"shift-eating" takes over. Have you ever opened a bag of Gardetto's? Well, I systematically have to eat them where the rye chips are last, starting with the sour dough sticks first (as they are my least favorite).

Please tell me, am I alone in this? Or are you the person who eats all the green M&M's first, leaving the brown ones for last? Or are you the person who has to eat their french fries first?