Friday night I had the opportunity to see the legendary Diana Ross live in concert at the municipal auditorium. I was so excited to relive my past...I can still remember seeing my first concert at the Hirsch.. Diana Ross! Diana sounded just like I remembered her live and she didn't look 71 years old. As the Municipal started to fill up you could feel the excitement from all of the concert attendees. Believe it or not, this created a learning moment for me. I learned that the fondest of childhood memories should remain in the past so they can remain perfect an untarnished. I so fondly remember the concert and how hard she worked to entertain us. As an adult over 45, I found myself more critical of everything from the length of the show- only 66 minutes and she skipped most of her encore. As we were walking out of the show, I could hear people complaining that she didn't sing their favorite song. I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to see Diana Ross live once again, just like I would to see Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers or Stevie Wonder- you have to see them before they are gone. My 12 year old Reagan turned to me as we were walking down the steps of the Municipal and said,"Thanks for bringing me to see Diana Ross, but the next time we spend $80 on a concert ticket, can we go see The Weekend or Adele"? Lesson learned...let the past be the past and turn it up when I play it on a flashback 70's-80's night on 96.5 KVKI.