Take into consideration that it takes 3 years for a new driver to get truly comfortable behind the wheel. After that three years, all bets are off. And if you live in Shreveport, defensive driving is a must, as people around here drive like bats out of hell. However, it looks like there are 15 universal things that people have a fear of when they get behind the wheel. How close are you?

Before you look at the 15 fears, take into consideration the following:

According to DMV reports:

  • the typical new driver has three "near misses" since passing their driving test. (and this is why insurance rates are higher for the younger drivers)
  • 67 % said their generation was guilty of playing music loudly in their cars
  • 44% said they aimlessly cruise around
  • over 25% of the under-25 drivers polled said drivers their age do not wear a seatbelt
  • 42 per cent said they use their phone while behind the wheel
  • 1/3 said their age group was also guilty of congregating in car parks and modifying their vehicles

Here are the results of a new survey that found the top 15 things people are afraid of when they're driving.

  1. Driving in snow.
  2. Freezing conditions where there might be black ice.
  3. Fog.
  4. Driving on the highway.
  5. Parallel parking.
  6. Driving in an area you don't know.
  7. Driving through big cities.
  8. Rain.
  9. Passing large trucks.
  10. Driving down rural country roads.
  11. Passing other drivers.
  12. Narrow streets.
  13. Heavily congested roads.
  14. Driving in the dark.
  15. Parking in crowded parking garages.