A girlfriend and myself were asked to decorate for a Ladies Luncheon at the Church. Naturally, there was little if any budget. We wanted something beautiful, so we decided on crepe myrtles. They're cheap and plentiful.

It makes me laugh to think about finding the crepe myrtles. We were like sneak thieves, slipping up to crepe myrtle trees and snipping a few branches from the back of the tree, throwing them in the back of the pick-up truck and taking off.

Church was the next morning and the meeting was right after the Church Service so we decorated the night before. We decorated that room beautifully. However, we got paid back for stealing all those crepe myrtle branches.

When we opened the door to the meeting room the next morning we were greeted with a million bugs. They were crawling and flying everywhere. It taught me to never, ever steal again.

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