After living in California for many years, you get to see a lot of amazing sights in the ocean. Many you would never expect. Swimming next to dolphins, being in a boat next to a whale, touching tide pool creatures, etc. This one, however, is even closer than many people ever get to the ocean creatures.

James Gilkinson was sailing with his niece when they were boarded by an unexpected guest.

They were just off coast, near Newport Beach, which is close to LA, when a friend Sea Lion swam up to the boat and came aboard.  After being cautious, which is smart for anyone around wild animals, they learned that this little guy was quite friendly. So friendly, in fact, he stayed for over an hour and even cuddle up the boat's owner.

As the sailboat returned to shore, Gilkinson said he stood up and told his aquatic guest, “You’ve got to go now.” The sea lion obliged, jumping back into the water and swimming off.

If you want to see the video and hear the whole story, watch below.