Sometimes I wonder what thought process people use to make decisions.

Take, for example, a Hattiesburg man making his way to Dallas.

Instead of taking the time for some father/son bonding, he kicked the road trip off with some adult beverages.

Then, at some point on the road, he decided he'd been drinking so much that he was tired. What ever to do? Pull over, sober up?

Of course not! It's time to rip the shirt off and let the 8 year old drive while daddy naps!

Louisiana State Police said they received a call around 6:30 Saturday night reporting a truck driving erratically on interstate 12.

According to WDSU-TV, when police pulled the truck over, the son was driving, his 4 year old sister was in the back, and his father, Billy Joe Madden, was asleep.

The good news is that no one was injured, and the 2 kids were turned over to Child Protective Services.

Madden has been charged with child desertion, parent allowing a minor to drive, open container and two counts of no child restraints.