Demi Moore has a new main squeeze and he's another young man. 30-year-old Will Hanigan met Demi at a yoga class. He's kind of a beefy Kid Rock. By trade, he's actually a pearl diver and an "adventurer". You would have to be adventurous to do what he did several years ago. He had a penis so he could wear a pearl. He's a third generation diver and says the piercing is a tradition in his family. He boasts that it gives girls extra stimulation in the bedroom. A friend of Hanigan's recently told The Australian that Hanigan is "an interesting character," adding, "He's a great guy to listen to - a bit wild but good fun." Demi Moore is 50 and has 3 daughters with ex-husband Bruce Willis. She is also in the middle of a divorce settlement with 34-year-old Ashton Kutcher.