Apple announced earlier this year that it's digital textbooks available on the iPad would revolutionize the education system. The Desoto Parish School system will be a part of that revolution as it will issue iPads to all High School students next year.

According to the Shreveport Times, the iPads will be issued with all of the textbooks preloaded, and the teachers will be able to utilize teaching apps.  Will this take the cool factor for one of the "must have" gadgets on the market down a notch? I know it will certainly help the back problems that so many high school students end up with because of all the heavy text books they have to carry around.

My son is only 21/2 and he already uses an iPad. My mother knew that he would need to be prepared to use one in an educational setting. I knew my mom was smart, but psychic?

Each and every day I'm amazed at what my son can do with his iPad. I say his, because my mom bought it for him. I just borrow it on occasion.