I've told you about my friend who has a major crush on Jon Bon Jovi. In fact, she has a deal with her husband. If she ever has an opportunity to be "with" Jon Bon Jovi, it's OK. So we asked this question: My husband and I have an agreement that if I ever have the chance, I can have an affair with?

My secret (OK, not so secret) crush is Matthew McConaughey and I would have to have this deal with the man in my life.

We were surprised to learn that it's pretty common in marriages these days for the wives or husbands to have a star crush.

Here are some of the more popular celebrity crushes ladies called about:

  • Billy Zane
  • Channing Tatum
  • George Clooney
  • Tim McGraw
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Some of our calls on this topic were hilarious. Listen to them below: