Adam Levine shaves his beard and fans are buzzing about it. I was really digging Adam Levine's new look with the beard, but it got really scruffy.

The Voice

Adam is a sexy man. There is no doubt about that. I really do like a couple of days growth, but once it got too long, he looks nasty. It just looks dirty and has no sex appeal at all.

I was really getting tired of the scruff and hoping he would realize how bad it was. I guess his handlers have figured out that women don't like this look on the Maroon 5 frontman.

He is so much better looking with a clean shaven face. That smile is sexier. His cheeks are cuter and even his eyes shine brighter.  He looks so lovable with that little boy face. He looks just creepy with that "Duck Dynasty" thing going.  What do you think? By the way, Shreveporter Cole Vosbury makes it to the next round.