Chris Murto began crying when he was a baby. The difference was Chris Murto never quit.. Now he's 29 years old...and thanks to a medical miracle, he's finally stopped.

Chris' Mother recalls, 'Since he was a baby he'd rarely sleep more than two hours straight. He'd wake up with a startled look on his face and began to cry.'

At first doctors thought he was suffering from a form of anxiety known as night terrors. But when Chris was in kindergarten he was diagnosed with hypothalamic hamartoma, a benign, yet seizure causing tumor. And part of those seizures, as many as 350 a month, was the crying.

But today Murto is seizure-free, thanks to a neurological center in Phoenix, the first in the country to treat his type of illness. The surgeons used new, minimally invasive laser-surgery techniques to burn out the tumor in his brain. So minimal, in fact, that it required only a single stitch and a one night hospital stay.

And Chris, who was taking up to 25 pills a day in an attempt to control the seizures, feels like the luckiest man in the world. 'It's changed my life,' Chris says. 'To go from having hundreds of seizures a month to not having one. After all these years, I'm finally able to live an independent life.'