Being the father of a new baby, my wife and I have both said the smell of a newborn baby is a beautiful scent.  If you have ever heard anyone say, "I wish I could bottle that aroma", well, it seems that enough people have said that. So many that, in fact, that your request has been answered. You will soon be able to  fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana are planning to create a fragrance just for babies priced at $44 for a 50ml bottle, called The One. But hold on before you start thinking that this will smell like an actual newborn.  The scent is that of citrus, melon, and honey, and is designed not to irritate babies' skin.

According to the Dole and Gabbana

it was inspired by 'tender' moments such as the 'softness of baby skin,' and 'the freshness of baby breath'.

If you are still wondering, is it for a boy or girl, fear not, in our world of gender neutral influences, this one is unisex.

If you are disturbed about this concept of putting a perfume on your infant, you aren't alone, as parenting groups and perfume experts described it as an "unnecessary extravagance" that was unlikely to take off.

Justine Roberts, from Mumsnet, said:

'In terms of products nobody wants or needs, perfume for babies ranks right up there. This will leave most parents sniggering.'

In order to quell fears about putting a perfume on your child, designer Stefano Gabbana said:

'How can babies smell even sweeter than they already do? 'That familiar smell associated with babies will only be accentuated by this Dolce & Gabbana fragrance.'

Before you throw stones at (or applaud) Dolce and Gabbana, they weren't the first to come up with the baby perfume idea. Recently a number of other fashion brands have launched perfumes marketed for mothers and babies.

Of the first ones to jump into the infant aroma market was, Burberry with their Baby Touch alcohol-free eau de toilette, priced at $44. It is described as a 'light and delicate' fragrance containing rhubarb, orange zest, mandarin and milk.

Even Bulgari got in the game with Petits et Mamans perfume, at $40. It contains Sicilian orange, Bergamot and Brazilian rosewood.

So are these perfumes already here in Shreveport and Bossier or are the coming? I order to find out, I called Perfumania at the Louisiana Boardwalk and spoke with Judy Mibeck. When I asked if they carried any baby perfume, she had not heard of it. As we spoke further, she did confirm that they carried the Dolce and Gabbana and Burberry brands, but she had not run across any baby perfumes, but didn't discount them as being a product that was available.

So will we ever see baby perfumes in the Ark-La-Tex? I guess you could say, maybe.