My health and nutrition expert, Dr. Jason Maggio offers advice on diet and your health.

I had a couple of questions for him today that you might find interesting.

Photo by Erin McCarty

What is the one thing in my pantry or fridge that should never be there?  He says you should never use artificial sweetners. He says research is plentiful on the damage that is done by these "sugar replacements". 

"Get them out of your house immediately," says Dr. Maggio. Instead, you should use Stevia which is a much healthier artificial sweetner. Or you can use locally produced honey.

My other question for him was what is in his fridge or pantry that should be in yours?

He says locally grown honey, organic berries and coconut milk. The honey because he says "it can help build your immunological system against local allergins". Organically grown berries have the highest anti-oxidant effects and you can use them in a variety of ways. The third item is coconut milk. "It has great anti-viral properties". Dr. Maggio will be back with us on the air Friday November 16th from 7-8am....we'll be talking about holiday foods.