You know how sometimes you'll see something out of the corner of your eye? Something that seems so strange - or even impossible - that you have to take a close up look because you can't believe that what you just saw could possibly be true? That's how it was this morning when I noticed the following: Drag Queen Barbie!

"Must be a joke," I said to myself. Alas, no. Barbie, that icon of childhood for six decades, is in fact going drag. And, calamity of calamities, it's even sanctioned by Mattel.

The official name is 'Blond Diamond Barbie' and she's the work of designer Phillipe Blond (a cross dresser himself) who was commissioned by manufacturer Mattel about two years ago.
"We want to open Barbie up to a whole new audience," says Blond, "And that's good for anyone's business."

Mattel spokesperson Cathy Cline endorses the faux fur, corset wearing doll, saying, "Barbie pushes the envelope! She doesn't worry or care about what other people think!"

"Drag Queen" Barbie, who's previously donned Olympics and McDonald's costumes, will go on sale late this year and cost $125.