Pretty funny stuff from New Orleans Saints' Drew Brees and One Direction.

The boy band and the QB were filming a commercial for Pepsi and they started goofing around pretending to become a new group called 1DB (Drew Brees + One Direction). As the video starts they go through the group's inception to their ultimate ruin. The video showcases Drew Brees' inability to actually carry a tune and the joke is that the the the group resents him.

The best line in the video: "It's awful. He's too big, he takes up too much space, and he can't hold a tune." from Harry Styles.

What makes the story line even better, Drew thinks things are going swimmingly as he destroys the group's hit "Live While We're Young". "It's awesome being in the band," said Drew Brees. "It seems like we're just becoming even more popular since I joined."

It should be a fairly successful, ad campaign. Check out the behind the scenes look at the formation of 1DB.