Jase Robertson of the A&E network's hit show “Duck Dynasty” has, with the rest of the cast, been on a media tour in New York City promoting that series' season premiere.. And while most of us here in Louisiana could pick out one of the famous bearded Robertson brothers from a mile away, Jase revealed that he was kicked out of his Big Apple hotel this week after being confused for a homeless man.

'I asked an employee where the bathroom was and he said, ‘Right this way, sir.’ He was very nice,' Jase said, telling the story on the 'Live With Kelly and Michael' television show. 'He walked me outside, pointed down the road, and said, ‘Good luck. Have a good day.'

The jovial Jase was lighthearted about the entire incident, joking, 'They just didn't know. I think I was a victim of facial profiling.'

Jase was sure to point out that all was forgiven and he and the rest of the Robertson's continued to stay at the hotel.