Almost everyone in this part of the world  - or possibly the entire world, given the show's success - is familiar with 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson. But did you know that Robertson, who first found wealth as the inventor of the Duck Commander duck calls also has a master’s degree in education. And on top of that, he's perhaps the best athlete ever to come out of his home town of Vivian!

In the 1960s, Robertson, now 66, was the starting quarterback at Louisiana Tech for two seasons ahead of Terry Bradshaw. His teammates and a coach recall him as a talented, player who had the skill to succeed in the NFL.

Needless to say the Robertson of today, with his flowing beard, long hair and omnipresent sunglasses, bears little resemblance to the buzz cut, straight laced college kid of more than forty years ago. But, then again, that kid didn't have his bank account, either.