Erin and I love everything about Easter: The religious significance, families together, the beginning of spring. And, of course, our own 'Easter On the Bayou' celebration Saturday at Cypress Black Bayou Recreation Area. Hold it! There is one thing about Easter that Erin despises: Marshmallow peeps!

I've worked with Erin for almost 17 years and every Easter season there's at least one uncontrolled, on-the-air rant about 'those evil little candies'. She's even started her own anti-peep organization, PEPA -- People for the Elimination of Peeps in America. And year after year she threatens to drop a bunch of those little, yellow marshmallow fowl into the microwave and set the timer on 10 minutes.

Well, this video shows you why you shouldn't. Ever. Never. Not at all. And, as you'll see, heaven help you if you try.