Again, I find myself in the position of finding the perfect foods. This time, I have not only found something that tastes good, but it is functional. The Cookie Coffee Mug. 

Think about it, when was the last time someone reinvented the coffee mug. They are either bigger or smaller. Not new designs and they all serve the same purpose, making regular cups boring.

While the coffee inside is absolutely delicious, how do you make savoring coffee even more enjoyable than it already is? Think about this, if you love cookies and you love coffee, then we have discovered the best invention since, coffee creamer. It's a coffee cup... made out of cookies.

The best of both worlds! It is like the bread bowl for coffee and cookie lovers. A bread bowl, you have your soup and eat the bowl. A cookie coffee mug, you drink your coffee and dunk your cookie at the same time.

One question comes to mind, how do you drunk the hot cup of Joe without the cookie dissolving from the liquid?

Glad you asked, Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi created this cup-shaped cookie for Lavazza, lining it with a delicious sugar coating to keep the coffee in – and your tastebuds happy when you chomp down on it. So there you have it, food and function.