Elder abuse comes in many forms and we are starting to see more and more incidents of the Elderly being Bullies by kids.

Karen Klein

We have read and heard stories about how kids are bullying each other in school. Then the video of Karen Klein (the school bus monitor) surfaced being bullied by middle schoolers went viral. The result of that video gave us all pause and many people donated money to an anonymous fund to give her a vacation. The Today show is reporting, this morning, that she is paying it forward with The Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation.

Since October is Anti-Bullying Month and Karen's foundation couldn't have come at a better time, today a video was released of a school bus driver who was bullied by a school age kid. This wasn't teasing, this was physical abuse, the kind of stuff that adults get tossed in jail for doing. The name of the man is not known, but you can clearly see someone sucker punch the driver and knocked him out for a short period of time. When the man comes to, you can see him holding his chest.


After seeing this video, my heart hurt for this man. I am saying a prayer that he is okay and paying that the person who did it is brought to justice.