Elton John is an artist who proves music can cross all demographics. Young, old, white, black, straight, gay - his show in New Orleans Friday night had the most diverse audience I've ever seen at a concert.

It was a sequin-studded, flamboyant and classy show - you won't believe the LED chandelier. Dressed in a blue sequined coat and pants with red glitter boots, Elton rocked a set list of nearly 30 songs over three hours with no intermission.

Yeah. He freakin' rocked!

Though the lights and amazing musicians who accompanied him made for a amazing show, I would have been just as happy to watch Elton solo with only the shiny black Yamaha.

"Candle in the Wind" sent shivers down my spine, and every note of "The One" had me completely hypnotized.

It was just him and the piano, and I swear everyone in the arena fell in love with the person sitting next to them. (Fortunately for me it was with sexy bald guy I'm dating, not the bearded, leather-clad 70-year-old man sitting on my other side.)

So if you're seeing him in Bossier City tonight, you're in for a captivating yet rocking performance.

Kristi Martin is an award-winning journalist, professional blogger and music junkie. Connect with her on twitter @writtennred.