Do you like old cars? some classics are up for grabs this weekend.

These aren't your everyday classic cars, some of them were once owned by big stars. Mecum Auctions will be selling a bunch of old cars and you might get a pretty good deal. The Flintstones car used in the 1994 movie is up for grabs.

The auction also features two different trucks owned by the late actor Steve McQueen.

Mecum Auctions


This Baja racing pickup was once owned by actor Steve McQueen.  It has a C10 chassis with a C30 one-ton cab.  It was sold in 1970 to McQueen as one of the package deals for a group of race cars he bought from General Motors. McQueen kept the truck until 1972 – the same year he divorced his first wife Neile. Their parting forced the couple to divide their assets and sell off much of their property.

Mecum Auctions


This custom built Cadillac Estate Wagon was owned by Elvis Presley from 1972 until his death in 1977. You could still see it at Graceland until it was auctioned off with other Elvis possessions in 1999. It had been at the Las Vegas Hilton for many years. The car started out as a 1972 Cadillac Sedan Deville that was converted into an Estate Wagon. Dean Martin had a similiar custom wagon built for himself in the early 70's.

Mecum Auctions


Frank Sinatra always had the nicer things in life and he loved luxury cars. This 1989 Hunter Green Jaguar XJS. Ol' Blue Eyes used this car as his main transportation around Palm Springs at the end of his life. The two-door coupe seats four people and has a 5.3-liter, V-12 engine.

Mecum Auctions


If I asked you to tell me "what's the last car Bette Davis owned", you would not guess it was this car, but it was. It's a 1980 black Ford Mustang. The Academy Award-wining actress personally called Crenshaw Motors in Los Angeles and requested “an American car.” She wanted it for her 72nd birthday. The Mustang is unrestored and retains a small number of cigarette burns in the carpet, a sign of Davis’ lifelong habit.

Get the full list of cars on the auction block at Mecum's website.