If entertainment gurus pick the top 100 TV shows of all time and you've never even heard of the number 1 show, you feel a little out of touch. That's what's happened around here. Entertainment Weekly says ``The Wire'' is the greatest TV show of all time.  ``The Simpsons'' ranks second, followed by ``Seinfeld,'' ``The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and ``The Sopranos.'' Does this make you feel old? I know all about MTM and watched Seinfeld every now and then. But  I have never watched "The Sopranos and rarely watched "The Simpsons". I've never even heard of "The Wire". It's an HBO show about drug dealers. ``All in the Family" is #6 on the list.  A show from the early 60's "The Andy Griffith Show'' shows up at #7.  ``American Idol'' ranks 53rd.