We are often jaded and suspicious of music superstars these days. But something happened to me this week that not only made me smile, it makes me so proud of one young lady.

Taylor Swift performed to a sold out audience at the CenturyLink Center last week.  It was an incredible show.  But I had a chance to meet Taylor before the show.  During an earlier meet and greet, my 17 year old son also got to meet her.  I was not with him in that session.  He asked her to Homecoming at Byrd.  So when I got to meet her about 30 minutes later, I asked her if my son really asked her to Homecoming.  She told me "yes and I was thrilled, it was my first Homecoming invitation this year". 

Fast forward to this week and I get a card in the mail.  I'm thinking it's from her record people or an assistant, but she didn't have any people around her when I connected that 17 year old boy to me.   So it's pretty obvious the note was handwritten by Taylor with such a personal link.  This tells me what a great person she is with a lengthy career ahead of her in this business!!