Some of my friends went out to celebrate a birthday for one of them over the weekend. It started out with dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and then we ended up at 'The Celebrity Lounge' at El Dorado Casino. We saw this Birmingham, Alabama band 'The Misfits' while we were in Destin, Florida and they were appearing here. It's a fun band and we counted on having a great night. I can't tell you too much about the night, but I will tell you that it almost had a very sad ending. At about 10:30 or so, one of my friends noticed her grandmother's diamond ring was missing from her finger. We all turned on the flashlights on our cell phones and searched under our table. Even our cocktail waitress tried to help. After a few minutes of thinking, my friend remembered she had taken off her rings at the dinner table to put lotion on her hands. So she called the restaurant and talked to the manager. He said "hold on, I'll go check your table". Sure enough, the ring with all of its sentimental value was right there on the table where she left it. She called her daughter who went up to the restaurant to pick it up. So I say a big thanks to the owners and management team at Trejo's at the Westgate. And to Joey: "you are the man".