OK, I am feeling pretty down these days.  You're thinking "didn't you just go on vacation?"  Yes and I had a great time in Destin, Florida with friends  Becki, Keith, Melissa and Jeff.

But once I got back, things started to go downhill.  You see, I left my baby boy Tiger at Towne South Animal Hospital for boarding at Camp Cosby. 

But while he was there, I decided it was time to have him neutered.  Of course, he didn't know that.   I just picked him up on Monday and he has to wear that "cone of shame" for two weeks.  He is working the room.  He looks at me with those pitiful eyes and is so sad. He keeps bumping into things around the house.  Each time he does that, he turns and looks right at me.  I know I did the right thing by having him fixed.  But I can hear my little guy saying "I wasn't broke, why'd you have me fixed".   Hope everything is back to normal soon!!