Only one of 96.5 KVKI's highly popular morning duo walked away from Saturday night's Flashback party smiling, and that's because only one could. While showing off the beaded braids of her Bo Derek costume's wig by tossing her head side to side, one of Erin McCarty's metal trinkets struck me on the mouth, chipping my right front tooth!

Other than the uncalled for attack on my pie hole, I thought her Bo Derek costume was a definite 10. The way she was swinging her head around, I'm lucky I didn't lose an eye!

Examining the tooth on the scene, Townsquare Media's staff dentist remarked, "It looks like he was shot in the tooth with a BB gun! We can save the tooth, but the rest of him remains questionable."

Despite the near tragedy, I impressed one an all with my Miami Vice outfit. However, I couldn't resist the urge to respond "hardware" every time someone called out "Tubbs!"

I purchased the jacket in 1985 and the pants around 1990. It dawned on me at the party that I was wearing more than 50 years of clothing. And about four of those were underwear.

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