It's been about a month since I started on this journey. I began with a 7 day cleanse and then moved to Dr. Jason Maggio's "20 pounds in 30 Day" plan. I get one day a week to rules on that one day. Dr. Maggio has these ideas for eating out.

If you General Recommendations:

Remember that you want to eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. At most restaurants and fast food establishments, you can order some kind of raw fruits or vegetables to add to your meal. Eat half of your daily intake raw, if possible. Drink water, lemon water or herb tea. Stay away from carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, or alcohol. Order foods the way YOU want them. You will find that most restaurants are accommodating.



Soft tacos with grilled chicken, fish,  or vegetable fajitas


Whole black beans


How to order:

Request corn or wheat tortillas, grilled or steamed with no oil.

Ask them to hold the cheese.

Add your choice of whole beans, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados.


Refried beans (Order black beans or whole pinto beans instead.)

Chips (Order a grilled corn tortilla instead.)


Beef and pork

Fried entrees

Sour cream and cheese (Replace with extra guacamole.)



Stir-fried dishes with chicken or no meat and vegetables.

How to order:

Choose steamed rice, not fried and ask for brown rice, if available.

Order soup if you like, but if you can see oil on the top, skim it off with the back of your spoon.


Won tons, egg rolls and other fried dishes, including fried rice

Sweet and sour dishes

Tofu (generally very high in fat and highly processed)



Pasta dishes with veal, chicken, or no meat and with marinara or tomato sauce and vegetables

How to Order:

Ask for whole wheat or spinach pasta

Order marinara or tomato sauces with vegetables

Select sauces with lean meat or ask them to eliminate the meat


Cheese-filled pastas

Dishes with sausage or other high-fat meats

Sauces made with cream, butter or cheese (Choose clear white sauce or tomato sauces instead)

Beef lasagna and Parmesan’s

Ravioli (cheese or beef)



Salads with Lean meats (chicken, lamb, turkey, fish) that are grilled, steamed or baked. You can also have kabobs with any of the meats listed and vegetables.

Whole grain breads

Vegetables, raw or steamed

Baked sweet or regular potatoes

Non-creamy or whole bean soups (If fat is on the top of the soup, skim it off with the back of your spoon. If soup has meat, eat the vegetables and leave the meat behind to avoid extra fat.)

How to order:

Select all-vegetable salads or salads with lean meats. Ask them to hold the bacon-flavored bits, croutons and cheese. Eggs are okay. For dressing, use lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil and sea salt and pepper.

Ask to have vegetables steamed without butter and with no sauces

Order a slice of avocado or lemon wedges to flavor your baked potato, but don't add sour cream.

Ask to have meats grilled, steamed or baked without added oil.

Ask for cocktail sauce, lemon wedges or vinegar (depending on your own tastes)


French fries or fried potato skins

Fried chicken or buffalo wings and other fried meats

All fatty toppings, gravies or dressings for salads or potatoes

If you just have to have dressing, you can ask for salad dressing to be served on the side. Then, use approximately one teaspoon and dilute it with lemon juice or vinegar. Dip the food into the sauce rather than pouring it over the top.



Omelets made with vegetables

Whole grain toast

Low-fat greek yogurt with fresh fruit

Oatmeal with fresh berries

Steamed hash browns

How to order:

Ask for scrambled egg or omelets made with real eggs, no egg substitiues

Order dry toast

Ask for "100% fruit" spread or order fresh fruit to eat over toast

Ask that the hash browns be steamed, not cooked with oil


White bread, pancakes or waffles

High-sugar cereals

Sausage, bacon or ham

Fried hash browns