Erin McCarty's walking group is growing! Erin, who promised nutritionist and Olympic trainer Dr. Jason Maggio that she'd wlk at least three times a week, had been a little lax of late, but thanks to Dr. Maggio and a little listener encouragement, she's back on track!

On Friday morning's show, after Erin got a little pep talk from Jason, listener Liz Guest called and said she'd meet them both at Mall St. Vincent that afternoon for their workout. Well, Erin and Liz were headed back today and two more loyal listeners joined in! Terri Riley and Dana Brossett met with Erin today for Dr. Maggio's 20 minute 'burst' walk, which alternates one minute of speed walking with one minute at a regular pace.

So, thanks to Liz, Terri and Dana for working out with Erin! How many more listeners will join Erin in the coming days and months? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, everybody's welcome and Erin's off to a great, great start!

erin mccarty