KVKI's Erin McCarty had ridden in a number of Mardi Gras parades before, but nothing quite like her ride in this year's Krewe of Centaur parade Saturday.

erin mccarty

The first text I got from Erin came about 2 p.m. and it said 'what an amazing day.' The last one came around 8 at night when she texted 'habbig a grape tim!'

What happened in that 6 hour span is, at this point, open to speculation. But I'm sure we'll hear the complete story - or at least as much as she remembers - Monday morning on the radio. We do know her costume was spectacular and her float, the Viking ship, won the coveted 'Best In Parade' prize.

So be sure to join Erin and me for all the Krewe of Centaur parade details, including more photos, here. We certainly look forward to hearing your parade stories, as well. And we hope you, like Erin, also 'hab a grape tim.'