TLC (The Learning Channel) has found a hit tv show with this exploitative example of entertainment. 

I have friends who watch this show every week and they are hooked on it.  I wonder why they watch and I think I have figured it out. It's like a big car crash on the freeway that you have to slow down to take a look at. This little 7-year-old girl is the star of the show and it is quite disgusting. She has a southern dialect that's so heavy, they have to use subtitles.  The mother is quite the piece of work. She lets all of her girls do whatever they want. The 15-year-old is pregnant and the other girls are pretty much out of control. The children go dumpster diving and they eat cheese puffs for breakfast.  Shame on TLC for putting this show on the air. But I would bet money that any of the major networks would steal the show if they could since about 3 million people are watching it every week!