OK, I never really had a great impression of John Mayer because of all the publicity and the interviews he did about the famous women he dated. I really don't like "kiss and tell" guys.

But my opinion has changed dramatically after meeting this tall drink of milk. He's headed to New Orleans to play the Jazz Fest this weekend. He could have easily hopped on a plane, flown into the Crescent City and enjoyed all of what New Orleans has to offer. But that's not what he did. He spent nearly a full day in the Stoner Hill neighborhood helping the Fuller Center and the Volunteers of America building homes for Veterans.

Cliff Malone is the homeowner and I talked with him about this special event. He says "I'm very excited. I did 3 tours of war duty before 9-11 and I kind of screwed up after I got out of the Army."  But he has turned his life around. He now works for Hope for the Homeless and he will be moving into his new home in June.