A trip to Mars is planned for 2018, but the organizers are looking for a couple of passengers. They want to get a married couple to make the trip because the quarters are tight and it will be a 2-year mission. I would love to go into outer space. It's always been a dream. So, I have to ask myself? Would you marry a guy just to win the trip to Mars? I might actually do that. But we would have an agreement to break-up upon return.  The mission is going to  cost more than $1 billion dollars, but that would be paid for by donations and sponsorships.  Now you won't actually land on Mars. The craft would  loop around Mars, coming as close as about 150 miles before making the return trip to Earth. The soonest the spaceship could launch is January 2018. The next window is not until 2031. I'd like to get on that earlier flight.

The Mars capsule would be have  a life-support system like the one NASA uses on the space station. It recycles urine, air, water, and perspiration. The ship won't have any of the amenities you are used to having around the house. The couple would do some science experiments and keep in touch with the folks on Earth.