OK, I know all about the song....the partridge in a pear tree and five gold rings. But I have my own list of 12 days of Christmas wishes.

12. Laugh lots.  It makes you happier and healthier.  I even love to laugh at myself.

11. Read something spiritual.  It lifts me up and helps to keep me grounded at the same time. (I'll post some suggestions next week).

10. Cook something I have never tried to cook before.  I am going to do a leg of lamb this year...wish me luck.

9. Pull out some of those handmade Christmas ornaments from the kids and actually put them on display!!

8. Take a long bubble bath with no phone, tv, music...just relax.

7. Write Christmas letters to some close friends.  I don't do the mass Christmas card thing.

6. Do lunch with a friend I haven't seen in a long time.  Good time to reconnect.

5.  Make a short road trip to some place interesting.  I think I'm going to Houston this year.

4. Get on my knees and pray.  We forget how important this is.  And I am blessed.

3.  Call Mom every day during these 12 days of Christmas.

2. Call each of my brothers just to chat.  We usually only talk if something is going on with one of us...or with Mom.

1. Spend time with each of my boys individually....do something they want to do even if it's play video games...YUCK!

That's my 12 Days Of Christmas List.  What would yours look like?