OK today is day 7 of my cleanse. You might want to know how I'm doing. Well as promised I have lost 8 pounds in just 1 week.

calliope, flickr

Dr. Jason Maggio set up this 7 day cleanse for me and it's been tough, but I've made it to the final day. I am going to go one extra day so I can have a big day of celebrating for the Centaur Parade. If the numbers continue to go like they have been, I might have dropped 10 pounds in 1 week!! Am I hungry? No, not really. But I do miss some foods. Rice, pasta and chocolate are probably tops on that list. I'll try to switch to brown rice, but I'm a South Louisiana girl...I love my traditional rice and gravy! I will enjoy indulging on some adult beverages this weekend. Here's the diet plan.