Back in February I started a new plan for myself. I consulted Dr. Jason Maggio to put together a food plan and he did just that. 

He is a local Chiropractor and Nutrition expert.  He is also leaving in July for London to work with some US Olympic Athletes!!  He will help them with nutrition and spinal alignment. I am lucky to have him on my team!!   Since we started, I have lost more than 40 pounds. But I really want you to know that the number is not what is most important to me. I am more concerned with changing my eating habits and the health benefits I am gaining!!

If you have foods that you crave, Dr. Maggio shared some substitutes on KVKI this morning:

For soft drinks: try Izzie which is carbonated soda made with organic sugar cane.

Ice cream:  you can try coconut milk ice cream (it has the organic sugar in it)

Baked potato: switch this to a sweet potato with cinnamon (if you use butter, only real)

Chips: switch to the blue corn chips

Italian food: use turkey meat to make your sauce and spinach noodles

Chocolate bars: substitute dark chocolate and you can eat the whole bar (Endangered Species brand)

Alcohol: If you must drink alcohol, switch to dark beer,  red wine or you might want to try a skinny margarita