I saw a little news story about David Beckham planning to buy some of the Liz Taylor jewelry for his wife, Victoria. 

Since I think he's 'one of the hottest men in the world, I had to put it in our Showbiz news no matter what it was.  Acknowledging my hot guy bias,  here's my list of the 5 hottest guys IN THE WORLD!!  Fell free to add your own.

From 5-1 here they are:

Publicity photo

5. Bradley Cooper

Breakthrough movie was the Hangover and I had to go to Hangover 2 just to see him.  What I love about Bradley is that million dollar smile...not to mention the abs of steel.

4.  Alexander Skarsgard

Publicity photo

Manly man....with that hot "come here Momma" look.  He was in town filming "Straw Dogs" and I spent many a night out looking for him.  Didn't happen for me, but who knows...one day I might get to share a margarita with his abs of steel.

3. L.L. Cool J

What can I say.....I LOVE burly hot men.  He looks like he is the most powerful man alive not to mention another great smile and yes, abs of steel

2. Roger Federer


Sexy, sexy, sexy and oh so sophisticated.  Those dark deep set eyes just melt my heart.  He makes me want to watch tennis late into the evening.  I even have some of his matches saved on my DVR.  I would change the nose just a nip....but he makes up for it with those abs of steel.

 1. David Beckham

I can't even tell you how much I love this guy.  He's muy number 1, 1A, 1B and 1C.  He's blonde, he's British, he plays soccer and there's one more thing...but I can't think of it.
Oh yes, abs of steel.