My son stopped by the studios to thank the KVKI listeners for all the prayers, letters and support he's gotten during his 13 weeks at boot camp. If you missed the show this morning, here are some of the stories he told us.

"I want to thank everyone in Shreveport Bossier for all the prayers, letters and your kind thoughts during this past 13 weeks," he said.

KVKI listeners sent Cliff Bars, but there was a little problem with this. JW told me to send enough for the entire platoon (69). You stepped up and donated so many that I sent a big box. He talks about that story and much more:


JW also said "my drill instructor later told us we could have 10 sent at a time. When I heard that I thought 'oh my gosh, there's no emergency stop' and when the box came, he called me in and I really can't say what he said."

What's the worst thing that happened?

"The Crucible. It's so tough. At one point, me and my buddy are crawling through the mud. We looked at each other and joked 'why didn't we join the Air Force.'"