May 21, 2013
Shreveport Internal Revenue Service office
3700 Knight Street, Shreveport, LA United States

Additional Information

Shreveport, LA—The Red River Tea Party will join hundreds of conservative groups across the nation in protest at the Shreveport Internal Revenue Service office Tuesday, May 21 at 12 noon. The protest will take place at the IRS office located at 3700 Knight Street, Shreveport, LA.

In April of 2010 The Red River Tea Party became one of many conservative groups across the nation targeted by the IRS. The RRTP was seeking a tax exempt 501c4 status. In response to the RRTP request, the IRS sent a 9 page document requesting compliance with dozens of detailed reports including receipts and documented sources for fundraising; standards, criteria and procedures for other sources of receipts, and the nature of other contemplated expenditures.

In addition, they expected a listing of all of the RRTP past activities, the percentage of time spent conducting each activity and the percentage of funds spent conducting each activity. Another question demanded to know: “all issues that are important to your organization….and indicate your position regarding each issue.”

Other questions involved seeking materials for every educational event conducted by the RRTP, including date of and location of the event, nature of the event, revenue and event expenses; whether any candidates for public office had ever spoken to our group, who, when and what they said-- as well as any video or audio recordings of our event; specifics about voter education activities, voter guides—publishing and distributing, etc.

The Red River Tea Party is a small, grass roots, not for profit organization composed of concerned community volunteers. Fundraising is unsophisticated and usually involves the periodic passing of a hat.