First off, my wife will tell you, I am no fashion-plate. I don't try. Shopping for me includes finding clothes at Pierre Bossier Mall or Mall of St. Vincent, at any location that sells Levi's and better quality T-Shirts. That trip will last 1-2 hours, I get what I want and don't go shopping again for 3-6 months. After all, Jeans and T-shirts never go out of style, right? Hey, I'm a guy.

Then I saw the pictures coming out of London's Fashion Week, where Fashion model and designer David Gandy was showing off his latest designs in Menswear. He has sworn to make London the 'menswear capital of the world'. The one that everyone is talking about is called Faceless.

Imagine seeing someone walking down the street with 2x4s in front of their face. I am not joking. One of the biggest things a Fashion Weeks is the Faceless look. Yes, Faceless. As in hiding your face.

I am confused, as I can't imagine walking around looking like an abandoned warehouse. Like the picture below:

Faceless: the new look of fashion in London

While this seems odd, you know someone somewhere is looking at this and thinking, either "I am going to be rich", or "boy these people are stupid"....or both. Something tells me that we won't be seeing this at the Louisiana Boardwalk anytime soon.

If you want to get a closer look at some of the crazy fashion styles, take a look:

They even have a Faceless with jeans and t-shirts, maybe I will fit in after all.

There is fashion hope for me after all.
Now you can match the wood grain to your pant style.